About company

The Czech company – SEMO a.s. was founded in 1994. It has continued in more than 50 years of tradition in plant breeding which was connected with the former Vegetable Breeding Station. Now our company is an important European breeder. We concentrate mainly on fruit vegetables, green pea, lettuces, onions and root crops. Our varieties are known in many countries and group of our customers is increasing every year.

Dear customers,

Number of growers, who help in their success to our seeds, has been increasing every year. We sell our seeds to more than 30 countries and definitely it is not the final number.
We are really pleased with your confidence. We appreciate it.
I‘d like to promise you that we will carry on in our work. We will still ensure the high quality of seeds. We continue in our breeding to offer you the best varieties for your conditions. And I can confirm that SEMO team is ready to advise you during whole growing season.

I wish you a successful harvest and good sale of your products.

Jan Prášil
Director of Company SEMO a.s.