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We also offer a wide range of herbs and aromatic plants.

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Herbs and aromatic plants

Name Latin name Description
Anise Pimpinella anisum annual, it is grown for seed
Basil Cinamonette Ocimum basilicum Cinnamon aroma, green leaves, purple stems
Basil Compakt Ocimum basilicum Compact growth habit, fine green leaves
Basil Dark Green Ocimum basilicum Genovese type, big dark green leaves, for salads
Basil Lettuce Leaf Ocimum basilicum Toscana type, slightly blistered light green leaves, for salads
Basil Lime Ocimum basilicum Lemon aroma, smaller green leaves
Basil Mammolo Genovese Ocimum basilicum compact, very suitable for pots
Basil Manes Ocimum basilicum Compact growth, fine dark green leaves, aromatic
Basil Purple Opaal Ocimum basilicum Purple slightly blistered leaves
Basil Purple Ruffles Ocimum basilicum Purple slightly crisped leaves
Basil Red Rubin Ocimum basilicum Purple smooth leaves
Basil Siam Queen Ocimum basilicum Aromatic, compact growth – good in pots
Basil Thulsi Ocinum tenuiflorum Perennial plant, in temperate areas usually grown as an annual
Caraway Rekord Carum carvi Biennial, very aromatic
Cone flower Echinacea purpurea stimulating the immune system
Coriander Aroma Coriandrum sativum Bolt resistant variety with very aromatic glossy leaves, Long Standing type
Dill Anethum graveolens Varieties include Hanak, Compact, Mamut
Epilobium parviforum Epilobium parviflorum it contains sitosterine
Fennel Foeniculum vulgare for harvest the leaves and seeds
Greek Oregano Origanum heracleoticum stronger flavor than regular oregano
Hollyhock Topaz Alcea rosea L. for the harvest of flowers
Hypericum perforatum Hypericum perforatum against black moods
Hyssop Hyssopus officinalis perennial plant, Excellent food for bees
Chamomile Bohemia Matricaria chamomilla Excellent variety, suitable also for pharmacy
Chervil Anthriscus cerefolium annual type, its aroma reminiscents of anise
Lavender Levandula officinalis very aromatic
Lavender Mustead Blue Levandula officinalis Blue-violet flowers
Lemon Balm Citrina Melissa officinalis Strong lemon aroma
Lemon grass Cymbopogon citratus lemon flavor, germination rate of 20-30 %, creating dense clumps
Lovage Levisticum officinale Really fragrant lovage
Marigold Plamen Plus Calendula officinalis High yielding variety with big flowers
Marjoram Majorana hortensis Varieties include Marietta and Marcelka
Milk Thistle Sm Os -005 Silybum marianum against diseases of the liver and gallbladder
Mint Mentha piperita aromatic mint from seed
Mint Mentha spicata L. fresh herbal smell slightly of lemon, it does not contain menthol
Oregano Origanum vulgare classic oregano
Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis sensitive to frost, to seasoning meats and salads
Sage Salvia officinalis it shows anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects
Stevia Stevia rebaudiana Compact plant, very sweet
Summer savory Satureja hortensis annual plant
Tagetes lucida Tagetes lucida for calming the stomach and overall relaxation
Tarragon Artemisia dracunculus Tarragon stimulates digestion and appetite
Thyme Thymus serpyllum perennial herb similar to thyme
Thyme Thymus vulgaris L. for soups and seasoning for meat and fish, it regulates digestion
Verbascum Verbascum densiflorum big flowers
Winter savory Satureja montana perennial plant

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