Our Seeds

Our customers may choose from the following two basic categories of seeds -STANDARD and PRECISION. STANDARD seeds are sold per kilos. Our STANDARD seeds meet of the International Seed Testing Association standards of course. Most of the seeds in this category are coated with fungicides. PRECISION seeds are sold per 1000 seeds. These seeds are characterized by top quality and above standard adjustment.

The adjustment of PRECISION seeds

The adjustment of PRECISION seeds includes the following.


The seeds are sorted according to their size, while PRECISION includes grading of only the best quality seeds. The uniform size of the seeds implies to uniform germination.


Hot water treatment against bacteriosis is carried out by SEMO in case of pepper, carrot, parsley and brassica seeds. This treatment eliminates the primary source of infection of bacteria on seed’s surface.

Special coating

The PRECISIOON seeds are coated by wider spectrum of treatments. You can find more information about it in our price list for the valid season.

Other types of seed adjustment

Primed seeds of parsley, celeriac and carrot

Growth of plants is quicker and more uniform after sowing primed seeds.

Thermo-primed seeds of lettuce and carrot

Important for summer (hot weather) sowing, where the growth is better with thermo-primed seeds.


SEMO offer pills of our varieties made in Dutch firm INCOTEC.

Organic seeds

These seeds have been produced in accordance with the standards of biological production and are intended for organic farming. We offer organic seeds also in some herbs including Basil, Dill for example.