Our Seeds

We offer the following two basic categories of seeds – STANDARD and PRECISION.


STANDARD seed is sold by weight (kilos). Our STANDARD seed meets ISTA standards (the International Seed Testing Association). Most of the seed in this category is coated with fungicides.


PRECISION seed is sold by count (in units of 1000 seeds). This seed is of a high quality and is subjected to additional treatments. The treatment given to PRECISION seed includes the following.


The seeds is sorted according to its size. The uniform size of the seed results in uniform germination.

Hot Water Treatment (HWT)

HWT is carried out by SEMO on all pepper, carrot, parsley and brassica seed lots. This treatment eliminates any bacterial infection that may be on the surface of the seed.

SEMO Vital

SEMO Vital is the whole set of improving substances. It includes physical disinfection of seeds and the application of supporting substances that improve germination, support the development of the root system and the adaptation of plants to stress.

Other types of seed treatments

Primed seed of parsley, celeriac and carrot

Germination is quicker and more uniform using primed seed.

Thermo-primed seed of lettuce

Important for summer (hot weather) sowing, where the germination is better and more uniform with thermo-primed seed.


SEMO offer pelleted seed of selected varieties. The Dutch firm INCOTEC pellets our seeds.

Organic seed

Our organic seed is certified by the Czech Government authority, and is intended for organic farming. We also offer organic seed of some herbs, such as and dill.