Pepper - ornamental

PROFI, Vegetable SEMO - Ornamental pepper, p9140 (Capsicum annuum L.)

Pepper is a very demanding crop suitable for warmer regions of field conditions. The best are warm, rich and sufficiently waterholding soil. Peppers are one from the main SEMO’s commodities. We offer a wide range of pepper types and every year our breeding programme introduces new varieties to the market. We focus mainly on Hungarian peppers and green pyramid-shaped peppers. Our assortment includes blocky and kapia varieties, condiment peppers as well as a wide range of hot peppers (chillies). Squash is an annual climbing plant. The best to grow squash is on medium and heavy rich soils, supplied with nutrients. We offer ornamental pepper too.

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Ornamental Pepper Capsicum annuum L.

Variety Plant growth habit Fruit           Recommended growing environment  
unripe color ripe color heat level Scoville heat units
(SHU) tested at full maturity
shape average size
field pot
RED FLAME compact green red very hot 60000 - 80000 B1 3 × 3 ++ ++
YELLOW FLAME compact green yellow very hot 70000 - 90000 B2 3 × 3 ++ ++
VICTORIA GOLD compact creamy yellow light red very hot 60000 - 80000 C1 5 × 2 ++ +
VICTORIA VIOLET medium compact green to violet red very hot 60000 - 80000 C2 6 × 2 ++ +
EMMA medium compact yellow green light red very hot 70000 - 90000 D diameter
++ ++
PYRAMID compact yellow green to
orange to red very hot 60000 - 80000 A 3 × 2.5 ++ ++


PROFI, Vegetable SEMO - Pepper - condiment, for drying - shapes, p2500


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